Uni5 Health Awareness Project

We give the awareness on the Five Energy pattern of the Universe to the public. We then synchronize those Five principles into Human health and teach them to apply them to solve any kind of their Health problems.

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Uni5 Pattern Education Awareness Project

We train young Children with our Uni5 pattern based methodology which helps them to think creatively and able to implement their skills in any field in their lives.

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Why we expect donation?

Your Small contributions could make an incredible impact.

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To continue to spread Awareness in the public by conducting work shops in various places on different subjects like Health, Parenting, Spirituality and Uni5 Pattern based Education

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To use the donations for building better classrooms in our Uni5 school at Porayar village in Tamilnadu State. To buy better study materials which can be used in the Uni5 schools for providing quality education to the children. To arrange better hygienic facilities in the school premises for children as well as teachers.

What values we will add with their donation? How donations will change someone else’s life?

  • We can have more number of Awareness workshops on Uni5 Seltual pattern and bring right awareness in common people.
  • We can provide excellent quality Montessori teacher training to many more teachers so that we can bring Uni5 pattern based education to more number of children across the world.
  • We can provide better classrooms for children in the school building at Porayar school making learning a comfortable process to grasp these deeper Uni5 concepts. The Uni5 pattern based approach is a wholistic way of learning where children can implement these concepts in all areas of their life.
  • Several children receive scholarships every year for school and college education.
  • We can have more number of products added to the available list of products we already have on the YShopawareness website.
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This way, Donations, would definitely make the common man happy by meeting his needs at all the five areas of life i.e. Health, Relationships, Education, Selftual and Spiritual. This helps people to find solutions to their various problems in all walks of their life and lead a joyful life.


Our mission is to provide Right-Awareness to people in all walks of their life and help them to lead a happy life. Our funding comes through public donations using which we help the needy irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, race, religion or economic status. We are looking for funds to implement and practically work on our several projects that are beneficial for the wider community.