Current Projects of UNI5

Sakthi foundation is striving hard to make the society healthy in a holistic way, provide Uni5 pattern based education to the young generation and make the scientifically tested and trusted quality food available to the public.

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Uni5 Health Awareness Project

We give the awareness of five Energy-pattern of the Universe to the Public and synchronize those principles in Human health. This is a very effective and natural form of treatment which involves successful healing of the body by balancing its basic five elements.
We are continuing to do this service for Free for the welfare of all to relieve them from their physical and mental suffering.

    How do we bring this Health Awareness?

  • Health awareness is given to all those patients who contact us through various means of emails and Telegram group chat messages.
  • We give special guidance to all the pregnancy related problems to women and help them to conceive successfully. They come out of their suffering of facing these long periods of infertility problems and continuous miscarriages. The babies delivered are also very healthy at all physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels
  • We conducted several Eye camps in the villages of Tamilnadu giving vision to many old people.
  • We still conduct various Health awareness camps at various places throughout the globe.
  • We create several youtube videos on various topics related to Health, in order to bring Health awareness and educate people by using simple and attractive cartoon pictures and animations.
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Uni5 Pattern Education Awareness Project

We train Children with our Uni5 Selftual pattern based methodology which helps them to think creatively and implement their skills in any field of their lives.

    What exactly is this Uni5 pattern based Education?

  • Teachers are screened, selected and trained in this Uni5 Selftual pattern based methodology with great caution considering their social and cultural values apart from their educational background.
  • In our schools, we give equal importance to all.We accept teachers and children from different religions and cultural back grounds. In fact, we also have Children who are physically and mentally challenged in our Uni5 schools.
  • Children are practically exposed to various concepts using their five sense organs and made to understand and internalize them from their very young ages. Physically challenged and autistic kids are also responding very well with our homely environment and friendly teacher’s interactions with Children.
  • Our Uni5 Energy based pattern education system implemented in Uni5 Sakthi Schools and after school programs is a huge success, where we notice a huge difference in the way children think and learn. It is also a stress free Self evolving methodology.
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UNI5 YShopawareness project

YShopawareness is our Uni5 Market place, where you can be ensured to get outstanding foods with amazing Health benefits. The products available here are made with utmost care considering the wellbeing of not just the customers but the whole planet.

    What is unique about the products from Shop awareness?
  • All the products available at are native Indian varieties of grains and Pure herbs, that are produced by farmers who follow organic methods of farming and implement sustainable practices.
  • They are then processed in the most traditional way, so as to maintain the best quality of the products.This makes these products unique having remarkable quality compared to all the other commercial products available in the market.
  • The products later undergo various scientific methods of testing and only those products that are highly rich in anti oxidants and their core medicinal components are selected.
    We have screened the market for the presence of core medicinal compound called Curcumin content in various Turmeric powders available in the market. Most of the cheap turmeric and surprisingly even the organic turmeric powders available in the market showed very low Curcumin values in them. Our YShopawareness (YSA) certified Turmeric has the highest 4.2% Curcumin content present in it.
    Purchasing food products from YShopawareness would not only make you and your family healthy but the whole world around you.
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Past Projects of UNI5

Sakthi foundation has been supporting for the education of the poor children from the past two decades.

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Children Education Project


SSakthi Foundation is always a strong support for educating the young generation. There are many children who do not get education for many reasons. We now focus on educating children staying in orphanages and making them independent in their lives. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, then you feed him for life. We are planning to sponsor college education for few students next year. We would like to pay the tuition fees directly to the college so that the donations will not be misused. If you do wish to pay the tuition fee directly to the college in the name of the student, we shall give you that information too. Whatever the mode of donation, the aim is to help in college education for the children who leave the orphanage after they reach adolescence.

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A Poor Child's Education


This girl lost her father and her sisters are partially or fully blind. This girl is very good at studies and her dream is to study well to go to college and support her blind sisters. She dropped from school at sixth grade because her poor mother could not support her children. Sakthi foundation is supporting the girl's education and promised her to help all through her college. Chitra has now resumed school and is in seventh grade in 2005.

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Help for an Orphan Center Project


Sakthi Foundation extends its charity work to furnish various needs of orphan children. In 2005 we gave new clothes to seven children in an orphan center. From the year 2003 to 2005, we gave study materials and playing toys to 50 orphan kids of ages between 5 to 17 years.


Our mission is to provide Right-Awareness to people in all walks of their life and help them to lead a happy life. Our funding comes through public donations using which we help the needy irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, race, religion or economic status. We are looking for funds to implement and practically work on our several projects that are beneficial for the wider community.