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Research & Verification Program

Food is medicine, which is true when food has the medicinal components in it. Through Oorjv Verification project, Sakthi Foundation helps to identify the right food that is rich in these medicinal components that help to maintain magnificent health and prevent diseases. Please donate for undertaking projects on scientific research and testing of foods for their medicinal components.


Research helps us to connect to pre-existing knowledge that helps us to lead a well balanced happy life.

It is a search again to validate the Universal Truth. From time immemorial research has been supported by not only kings, aristocrat and wealthy families but also by common people for the welfare of society. This was the means to pass on the Knowledge unbroken as a tradition. Sakthi Foundation continues that tradition for the welfare of the society its research activities. We are

focusing on five levels on research on good body health by verification of quality in Food, healthy behavior and relationships, Education, Selftual nature and Universal Energy. All these are possible with the support of public. Uni5 Sakthi Foundation Endowment Fund will be sponsoring current and future projects.

Five levels of research

  • 1. Food Quality: Good body health by verification of food. This also includes bringing forth many testing methods like Gut bacteria testing using Metagenomics. Food testing under Ooorj Verification studies.
  • 2. Healthy behavior and relationships: Research studies conducted on survey and pattern of thinking will help to resolve many issues on behavior and relationships.
  • 3. Education: Uni5 Educational research studies done will bring forth the requirements of children, parents and educators.
  • 4. Selftual nature: Research in this area will shed more light on our connection to nature and how to help all other beings to build a healthy system.
  • 5. Universal Energy: Research in this area will focus on our deeper questions on Consciousness, Universal Energy, Life and death, life after death and rebirth and origin and end of Universe etc.

Uni5 Sakthi Foundation will have a panel of Scientists from different fields to guide these projects. Donations to these research studies should be indicated to exclusively support the area of research one is interested.

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Our mission is to provide Right-Awareness to people in all walks of their life and help them to lead a happy life. Our funding comes through public donations using which we help the needy irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, race, religion or economic status. We are looking for funds to implement and practically work on our several projects that are beneficial for the wider community.