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Sakthi means “Energy,” the very foundation of this Universe. We are a non-religious, nonprofit organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Sakthi Foundation was started in 1998 by Professor Sendurai Mani and Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil, with a mission of helping people worldwide, irrespective of nationality, gender, religious beliefs, etc. This organization continues its service and is now expanding its boundaries to help many other organizations that make a difference in the lives of people all over the globe.

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Meet Your Tutor

Neelima Thota

” In simple words, Neelima is a Nature lover and is very passionate about protecting the planet!!! She completely believes and practices the deep rooted principles of Indian vedic knowledge to the possible extent. “

She has an academic background of having completed her graduation in Horticulture, Masters in biotechnology and Post graduate diploma in Plantation management. Apart from these, she has completed various courses in Ayurveda, Natural Health Science, Yoga and Integrated well being. She has been a volunteer of Uni5 Sakthi foundation for the past 14 years, a non profit organization which strives to bring Happiness and Peace in every aspect of an individual’s life by aligning to the universal pattern of Five elements of nature.

Most importantly, she loves to experiment and has experimented on her own body giving up all the allopathic medicines by following just the Natural methods of healing to get cured from Crohn's disease. She is now completely symptom free following the Uni5 Panchabhoota healing method. To continue the natural lifestyle, she conducted various experiments on making natural household products, edible probiotics, and various healthy dishes to make our life free from chemicals and Diseases. Not only at an individual level but now she has also started to bring more awareness in the public about the various ways of adopting natural lifestyle. Thereby, making our planet a better place to live and leave it in a better condition for future generations to enjoy!

She always says.. Live Naturally.. Love Nature.. Learn from Nature.. Let us spend time with Nature.. Live with gratitude towards Nature

Uni5 Health Programs/Events

Uni5 Naturally Courses

The Uni5 Naturally courses are conducted based on the principles of holistic living connecting to the Five elements of Nature. The classes weave around helping ourselves by living a natural lifestyle, learning making natural household cleaning and daily usage grooming products, learning the traditional principles of cooking and following a natural healthy diet, Understanding about our Gut health and importance of Fermented products, learning methods to get relief from our stress in our daily life and practicing mindful awareness in performing all our deeds and much more. This method of integrated approach of addressing our diet and lifestyle helps us to heal from within as a being by changing our patterns of thinking and behavior for good.

We first started with the ‘Uni5 Eco Friendly Products’ course the videos of which are available on the YouTube.

YouTube Videos

1st Session on Natural Hair wash options! Easiest hair wash solution, Fermented Rice starch & water!

2nd Session on Natural Hair Dye options! Instant Indigo mix! Hair Dye using Black Rice & much more

3rd Session on Natural Body & Hand wash Options! Customize herbal bath paste especially for our skin

4th Session on Natural Dish wash Options! The Best Dish wash product - Citrus Soap Nut Lactoferment

5th Session on Natural Laundry wash Options! Washes even white clothes & stubborn stains perfectly!

Uni5 Gut Health Course

We then introduced the ‘Uni5 Gut Health course’ and completed successfully. The course is designed in such a way that the gut issues are addressed going to the deep level of the external Five elements and also connecting them with the inner five aspects of ourselves till the Consciousness level. So, here you will not just come out of your Gut health issues but will get immense clarity about our own selves as to what we are and where exactly we are making mistakes in our diet, lifestyle and thought patterns. We can connect the missing link and completely heal from the root.

A demo of the class discussions displayed in short videos

Want to know why our body affects our Mind and how Breathing and Meditation helps us to heal?

wrapping wet cloth around waist helps in all digestive disorders, Sugarcane juice purified with Milk

Saturday Discussions videos

Panchabhoota Healing Therapy! Healing with the Five Elements, the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space!


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